NB8 Solutions AB is new distribution partner for Sweden

Employees of ebalta and NB8 Solutions AB after their training in Rothenburg.

Employees of ebalta and NB8 Solutions AB after their training in Rothenburg.

Since 1st April 2023 NB8 Solutions AB is ebalta’s new distribution partner for Sweden. NB8 Solutions AB is a division of our Norwegian distributor Hans Claussen AS. The team in Sweden will be led by Andreas Hugosson who will return to his homeland after working for a number of years in the Norwegian market for Hans Claussen AS.

Andreas has worked most of his life with composites, with everything from boat building to repairs of damaged boats, but mainly in plug & mold construction. Since 2016, he has worked for Hans Claussen AS in Norway as a Sales Engineer and responsible for the Thermoplastic Department. Now he is responsible for the daily operations of NB8-Solutions AB.

Andreas commented “to have ebalta in our portfolio also in Sweden will be a great complement to our composite customers but also to the metal industry. Our main goal this year will be primarily to start sales of block material and to find new customers”.

For those wondering where the name NB8 comes from: it is used to describe the 8 Nordic and Baltic countries. Currently this agreement covers the Swedish market but who knows what the future holds for this developing organisation.

The announcement of the appointment was preceded by a successful training session for members of the Hans Claussen AS team at ebalta in Rothenburg.

Andreas Hugosson, NB8 Solutions AB in Sweden

Andreas Hugosson