Plastics developments from ebalta – Individual solutions for parts

Parts made of plastic for medium series are used, for example, in rail vehicle construction, in the automotive industry, in medical technology, in the furniture industry or in the leisure industry. The application possibilities for this are extensive and are determined by the technical, material-specific properties of the materials.

The requirements for plastics are very versatile and include, for example, flame-retardant, eco-friendly, abrasion-resistant, lightweight or elastic properties for parts made of plastic. Especially when large-volume parts and individual solutions are required, it is often difficult for producers to select the right material. This is where plastic developments made of polyurethane resin or epoxy resin from ebalta are in demand. From the idea to the prototype to the finished part, ebalta is at your side as a competent partner with individual and sustainable plastic solutions – also for series applications.

Versatile in application – ebalta two-component casting resin systems

Due to their nature, ebalta’s two-component casting resin systems are very versatile and can be individually customized for the respective application. Rapid changes to the formulations are possible at any time without costly investments in the production process.

The epoxy and polyurethane resins from ebalta stand out due to their variability: from very hard to very soft; from small to very large; from light to heavy. High stiffness and high chemical resistance are achievable compared to. By adding glass fibres, fillers, colour pastes, chalk, etc. and the wide range of suitable resin systems, versatile product modifications can be quickly created. Parts made of ebalta plastics are cast into a mould as liquid resin in various application processes such as low-pressure RIM or vacuum casting or without extensive machine processing. Materials for mould and tool construction such as modelling and tooling boards are provided by ebalta. This means that part producers can carry out their entire manufacturing process with ebalta as their partner for plastics solutions.

Use of polyurethane resins for parts production – advantage in terms of sustainability

The versatile possibilities of ebalta to develop the product sustainably speak for the use of PUR resins anyway: On the one hand, through the use of recycled polyols and renewable raw materials. On the other hand, through the low weight compared to other materials and also through material savings due to the high abrasion resistance. ebalta Eco-friendly plastics represent a successful, eco-friendly polyurethane development. Polyurethane developments from ebalta are available on request as a carbon neutral product. ebalta has also been certified as a carbon neutral company through CO2 offsetting since 2020 and has set itself the goal of keeping its CO2 footprint as low as possible.

Development expertise in the production of EP and PU resins

Based on around 700 recipes for prototype construction through to series production, ebalta has a very broad product range and a high level of competence in the development of epoxy and polyurethane casting resins. The application know-how from model, mould and tool making, which has been tried and tested for 40 years, is used in the development work entirely in the sense of component production. In this way, individual solutions for demanding development projects can be realised very quickly and economically with existing and new plastic formulations. Individual plastic solutions for components made of ebalta epoxy and polyurethane resins are successfully used as eco-friendly plastics, semi-finished PU Rings, e-mobility machine casting resins, flame-retardant casting resins and 3D printing resins.

A broad-based product management team is in close dialogue with component producers throughout the entire course of a development project with their expertise and commitment.

ebalta is a listed manufacturer with automotive manufacturers for high abrasion resistance applications. Many of ebalta’s casting resins have fire protection certificates and meet various DIN standards, for example: UL 94-V0, DIN 45545-2, R22/R23 HL 1/2/3, DIN 5510-2 S4 SR-2 ST-2, ROHS-konform/Quecksilberfrei, DIN 4102-1 B1 or DIN 75200/FMVSS302.