New video: ebablock® for foundry patterns

Scene from the video ebablock® for foundry patterns.

Scene from the video ebablock® for foundry patterns.

From the processing of customer CAD data to the finished casting: In our short video, we show step by step the production of a blank for a foundry from our ebablock® 920 material. You can also see the milling of the blank by a pattern maker and the casting process in a foundry.

Link to the video on youtube.

With our ebablock® material, larger devices with complex geometries can be cast seamlessly and in one piece, for example to the size of a mold box. A polyurethane blank is produced individually according to the respective specifications. Customers can choose between different solutions depending on their requirements: A simple rectangular blank cast to size, a blank based on the contour, or a near-net-shape block, where the blank is manufactured according to the customer’s CAD data. With the precisely fitting ebablock® solutions, foundries receive seamless patterns and thus save material and time.

Further information on the ebablock® material.