Semi-finished PU Rings: Delivery of production-optimised semi-finished parts

As a supplier of casting resins for a very broad spectrum of different industrial sectors and companies, ebalta has always focused on maximum customer-friendly delivery across all industries. At the heart of ebalta’s requirements is the optimal formulation of the plastics for the customer’s specific area of application.

ebalta’s claim is to supply customers in such a way that they can introduce the desired product into their production process as quickly as possible on the basis of the finished blanks, saving as many intermediate steps as possible up to the final processing.

Task: Plastic blocks in all geometries as series semi-finished parts

ebalta’s goal here is to implement corresponding requirements for the supply of semi-finished parts, even for individual components produced in small to medium series, in such a way that they cause minimal effort during their further processing. Above all, this also means that ebalta customers receive parts that are already pre-dimensioned in such a way that they only have to be milled to the specified target dimensions before entering the finishing line. This applies not only to the numerous standard products offered under the ebablock® and ebaboard brands, but also to semi-finished product deliveries made to special dimensions and geometries. Basically, all common geometries are available here from a certain size and complexity that is “worthwhile” for medium series volumes – and this with dimensions of up to eight metres in length.

In addition to the existing, extensive product portfolio and its own genuine development competence, ebalta has also been able to expand its international reputation across industries because of its diverse range of products for optimal adaptation to customer geometries. In addition to saving possible further processing steps, the material waste can also be minimised here through the most precise dimensioning possible, and weight and volumes can be reduced with regard to transport solutions that are as simple and quick to implement as possible.

Plastic solution: Jointless polyurethane blocks in ring form

Plastic rings as cast resin blanks

In two specific order cases, the dimensioning of plastic semin-finished parts involved the adaptation of ring moulds, once for the delivery for computer tomographs, another time, for outer and inner rings in the production of roulette tables. In both cases, the desired ring moulds could be prefabricated with only minimal material overhang – 15 mm of material thickness is usually added to each dimension here due to the roughness of the cut surfaces – and only had to be final milled by the respective customer in the final production.

As a reliable supplier, ebalta is in a position to send out regular batches to its customers over a long period of time (if appropriate storage capacities are available) or to deliver customised products in one-off quantities or at irregular intervals.