Foam Boards made of rigid polyurethane foam – For easy machining of models and moulds

Foam boards are offered by ebalta as part of the ebazell product group. The boards are made of rigid polyurethane foam. This synthetic foam does not contain solvents, halogens or plasticisers and does not contain abrasive fillers. Consequently, no hazardous dusts can be produced during milling. Boards made of PU rigid foam are used in particular for milling styling models, master models, design models, inspection models and architectural models.

ebazell Foam Boards

Foam sheets model ebazell 80

The advantages of ebalta PU foam boards are primarily their very fine surface structure. As they do not contain any abrasive fillers, they have a very fine structure that is particularly easy to machine. This means that ebazell boards from ebalta can be milled with all standard tools without any problems.

As with all modeling and tooling boards and blocks from ebalta, the ebazell PU boards are offered with the suitable adhesive and with the ebalta pore sealer for optimal surface finishing.

ebalta offers ebazell boards in the colours light green, light beige and light grey in a density of 0.08 to 0.25 g/cm³: ebazell 80, ebazell 160 and ebazell 260. The foam boards are available in standard sizes with a length of up to 2,000 mm and widths of 1250 and 1000 mm. Other sizes are supplied on request. The boards can be stored in closed, preferably dry rooms for an unlimited period of time.

ProductDensity at 20°CCompressive strengthPDF
ebazell 800.08 ± 0.005 g/cm³0.80 ± 0.05 MPa
ebazell 1600.16 ± 0.012 g/cm³2.0 ± 0.2 MPa
ebazell 260 0.25 ± 0.01 g/cm³4.4 ± 0.2 MPa