To ensure that all process steps succeed, ebalta provides a complete range of ancillary materials and auxiliaries for the model, mould and tool making needs, as well as for the production of medium series. These include release agents, mould sealers, fillers, polyester putty, coupling pastes, colour pastes, fibre cloths, wax sheets, tooling gypsum and accessories matched to ebalta modelling and tooling boards, blocks and casting resins.

Release Agents

ebalta release agents are available in liquid, paste, spray or wax form, as required. ebalta release agents are smooth, polishable, temperature-resistant and usually have very short drying times. They are suitable for flexible and rigid polyurethanes as well as for epoxy resins and polyesters.

ProductTemperature resistancePDF
Graphite paint-
Release Agent 17> 200 °C
Release Agent 1711< 125 °C
Release agent PVA-
Release agent T 03-01< 105 °C
Release Agent T 1-1< 70 °C
Release Agent T 2-
Release Wax T 7< 80 °C

Mould Sealer

Due to their temperature resistance, ebalta Sealer 02 and Sealer 09 are ideal for sealing epoxy, polyurethane or MDF boards. As ebalta sealers have a higher content of solids than standard sealers, fewer coats are needed to achieve the same gloss. The very fast drying ebalta pore sealer is recommended as a primer for sealing porous surfaces. It is applied by brush or spray gun.

ProductTemperature resistancePDF
Pore sealer-
Sealer 02> 200 °C
Sealer 09> 200 °C


ebalta fillers are used in a variety of applications: To enrich epoxy resins or polyurethane casting resins; to thicken silicones so that they do not run off vertical surfaces; to add to epoxy resins as a reinforcing filler, e.g. so that premoulded frames can be bonded to moulds.


Polyester Putty

Polyester putties from ebalta are used for master models, model reproductions and sample parts as well as for repairs in model and prototype construction and for repairing and bonding model construction boards and blocks. The two-component polyester-based rapid putties are characterised by their fine structure, are very easy to work with and cure quickly. They are easy to grind and have very good adhesion and high filling power.

Product Density at 20°CPDF
ebalta soft-
ebalta-lastic1,90 ± 0,03 g/cm³
ebalta-plast2,00 ± 0,03 g/cm³
Fast curing modelpaste1,25 ± 0,03 g/cm³

Coupling Pastes

The ebalta coupling pastes ensure the optimal connection of the rear end with the ebalta surface resin. Extensive shapes and models can thus be produced in the build-up process. They are also used as aluminium carriers in front layer casting or for laminating resins. ebalta offers the coupling pastes, for example, filled with aluminium and containing glass fibres.

Bonding agent HV 55 / PUR 1
KP 6 / BR
KP 6 / TGL
KP 7-1 / TM
KP 8 / Comp. A+B

Colour Paste

Colour Paste Pattern for Climbing Handle Casting Resin in Neon

For individual colouring of ebalta polyurethane and epoxy resins, colourful colour pastes are available which are matched to the ebalta resins. The colour pastes are usually added to the resin or A-component.

Colour paste black
Colour paste blue
Colour paste brown
Colour paste climbing holds
Colour paste green
Colour paste red
Colour paste white
Colour paste yellow

Fibre Cloth

For the reinforcement of extensive moulds and tools, glass staple fibre and glass filament fabric are each offered in three thicknesses.

Ancillary for vacuum infusion
Glass filament fabrics

Wax Sheets

Wax spacer sheets are offered to simulate component thickness. The wax sheets are self-adhesive, for inserting the metal sheet or material thicknesses into tools, moulds and models.

Primer for Wax sheets
Wax sheet normal 64°C
Wax sheets special 130°C

Tooling Gypsum

Ebacryl Dragon

The mould making gypsum is offered by ebalta under the name ebacryl laminate system. With ebacryl laminate system – consisting of gel coat, glas fibre mats, powder and emulsion – dimensionally accurate mouldings, negative moulds for reproductions, pre-production tools and decorative models for scenery construction can be easily produced.

ebacryl is water-based and therefore pollutant-free, eco-friendly and low-odour. The tools can be cleaned with water. ebacryl complies with the fire regulations of class B1 and is therefore very suitable for scenery construction, for example. The production of laminates with ebacryl is very easy and allows laminates of any thickness in only one working step. The construction is done in a few steps, see also here.

ProductPot life 200 g/20°CPDF
ebacryl coupling paste / TGL45 - 60 min.
ebacryl coupling paste / TGS20 - 30 min.
ebacryl L-1 / EM-1ca. 35 min.
ebacryl O-1 / SP-112 - 18 min.
ebacryl Paste P-112 - 18 min.


To make the processing of ebalta resins, silicones and ancillaries as easy as possible, ebalta’s auxiliaries have been compiled. These include ebaclean, superplastilin, brushes, mixing pots, instant adhesives, spray adhesives, hand protection cream, gloves, taps, containers, stirrers and ebasafe: Fixing systems for foundry patterns.