With ebalta silicones, complex virtual geometries are quickly produced into three-dimensional, tangible parts. Silicones have become essential for rapid prototyping and rapid tooling. The performance characteristics of ebalta moulding silicones are dimensional stability, reproduction accuracy, easy processing and good tear resistance. The extensive product range of rubber for moulds includes addition-curing and condensation-curing silicones.

The addition-curing silicones from ebalta can be chemically accelerated in their curing by adding platinum accelerators or by adding temperature.

For some condensation-curing silicones, ebalta offers various curing agents with which the curing time can be accelerated. Detailed information can be found on the technical data sheet of the specific product.


Shape of a rim in silicone

The lifetime of silicone moulds is strongly dependent on the casting resin used. Slow-curing casting resins affect the mould surface more. The lifetime can be extended by using silicone systems with oily curing agents or by using silicone spray before each impression.

ebalta has been successfully selling the market-established mould making silicones from Dow® for decades. The entire product range is tested by the product management team in terms of application technology and individually selected depending on the requirement profile. In order to ensure a smooth handling of silicones, it is recommended to read the ebalta FAQs and to seek personal advice.