Flush installation in laminate worktops

Flush installation of a sink in a laminate worktop
Flush installation of a sink in a laminate worktop
The flush installation of sinks and hobs is in demand – in addition to aesthetic reasons, there are also practical reasons for flush installation: Crumbs and liquids can simply be wiped away, without any annoying edges. Kitchen buyers often had to forgo laminate worktops. They resorted to slabs of stone, granite or composite material or installed the appliances in the classic way. This is because conventional sealing with silicones is not sufficient to seal the cut-outs in laminate worktops.

True to size, without swelling – with casting resins from ebalta

Flush installation of a hob with a polyurethane cast resin frame

For flush installation in laminate worktops, well-known worktop manufacturers in Germany have been using ebalta’s polyurethane casting resins for several years. To prevent the worktop from swelling on contact with moisture, the surfaces are sealed with the casting resin. After curing, the plastic can be processed like wood and cut to the exact size required. This creates the cast resin frame, which enables flush and dimensionally accurate installation in laminate worktops – and the interfaces are protected.

The ebalta casting resin systems of the 500 series are characterised by very good flow behaviour and are suitable for both hand and machine casting. The material can be flexibly adapted to individual customer requirements.

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