New charging stations for electric vehicles

The new charging stations at the ebalta car park.

The new charging stations at the ebalta car park.

Sustainability is an important topic for ebalta, which we consistently pursue and adhere to with our corporate strategy. For example, we have been certified as a climate-neutral company through CO2 offsetting since January 2021. However, we want to become even more sustainable in this area and further reduce CO2 emissions. To this end, we are implementing both larger and smaller measures that are steadily bringing us closer to this goal.

For example, we recently installed new charging stations for electric cars in our company car parks. The electricity for these comes from our own PV system. Not only can company cars be charged here, but we have also made the stations available to employees who come to work in a private electric vehicle. In this way, the commute to work is also becoming increasingly CO2-neutral.

Our bicycle leasing programme also contributes to this: More and more employees are switching from a car with an internal combustion engine to an e-bike, which allows them to cover longer distances effortlessly. Of course, colleagues can also recharge their bikes at ebalta.

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