ebalta starts 2022 carbon neutral

ebalta starts 2022 carbon neutral
ebalta starts 2022 carbon neutral
We are pleased to be carbon neutral in the manufacture of our products for the second year in a row.

What does that mean in concrete terms? First and most important is the reduction of CO2 emissions. To achieve this, we are continuously increasing the share of recycled and renewable raw materials, procuring our energy from sustainable sources, developing concepts for recycling waste and training our employees. In addition, part of our sustainability strategy is to offset the remaining CO2 emissions by investing in carbon offset projects.

We have specifically chosen high-quality carbon offset projects in which climate protection is linked to the improvement of social structures.
The 2021 offsets went to the natural forest reforestation project “Project Togo”, in which self-supporting value chains are being established. PROJECT TOGO – natureoffice.com

And into the project “BURN” – Kenya where deforestation is reduced by using efficient cooking stoves. Burn efficient cookstoves – natureoffice.com

e have again carried out the compensation with the support of the company natureOffice GmbH. The Project Togo was directly initiated by natureOffice. For the project “BURN” natureOffice receives direct reporting. Thus, regular successes are quickly visible and the control of the goal setting on site is guaranteed.

“Carbon neutrality is an environmental policy goal to exert no influence on the climate through production and consumption. Behind this is the assumption that the climate system can buffer a certain amount of greenhouse gas emissions without causing significant climate impacts. Carbon neutrality is today a mark of quality. Carbon neutral companies, for example, assume responsibility towards people and the environment. Many companies have firmly anchored the goal of carbon neutrality in their environmental guidelines.” Source: natureOffice GmbH