ebacryl – the fireproof and dimensionally accurate laminate system

ebacryl – Das feuerfeste und maßgenaue Laminatsystem
ebacryl – The fireproof and dimensionally accurate laminate system

(Fire Regulations B1)


ebacryl is an environmentally friendly laminate system that can be used to quickly and easily produce accurate mouldings, negative moulds for reproductions, pre-production tools and decorative models. For example, for moulding and producing the dragon skin of Tradinno. With about 16 m length the fire dragon from Furth im Wald is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the world largest walking robot.

ebacryl is water-based and ecologically compatible, environmentally friendly and low in odour. The tools can be cleaned with water. ebacryl complies with the fire regulations of class B1 and is therefore very well suited, for example, for scenery construction. The production of laminates is very easy and allows any thickness of laminates in only one working process

For more details download the brochures ebacryl laminate system and ebacryl – how it works. Feel free to contact product manager Stefan Koppmair skoppmair@ebalta.de | Mob. +49 171 799 81 54