Boards for model and tool maker in special sizes

Sheet goods for modellers in special format
Sheet goods for modellers in special format
In times of diversity and transience of developments, individual solutions for order-related requirements are increasingly in demand. ebalta offers an extensive solution package with a wide range of foam, epoxy and polyurethane boards, with a density between 0,08 g/cm³ and 1,86 g/cm³ in both standard and special sizes.

Boards with special format are manufactured to size according to the specifications of the model and tool makers and are in stock for recurring orders. Requests are checked uncomplicated by professional product managers for the requirements and implemented with the help of individual project planning. Standard boards with the usual dimensions are dispatched on the same day the order is placed. A good example for the ebalta-delivery-options are the PU board ebaboard 1220 for highly abrasion-resistant core boxes and the epoxy board ebaboard EP 138, both available in special formats.

The ebaboard EP 138 is particularly suitable for laying-up tools for prepregs, master forms models for prepreg tools, as well as for forms and tools for composites and vacuum deep-drawing tools.

The low coefficient of linear expansion, the high resistance to heat and the good processing with a low formation of dust bring new advantages for form and tool makers in the automotive, motorsport and aircraft industries.

The ebaboard 1220 is a dimensionally accurate board with concerted a range of matched adhesives, repair putties and casting resins for highly abrasion-resistant foundry patterns, core boxes and pattern plates which are used by foundries in batch productions.

Sometimes a jointless and cast-to shape solution is required for models, forms and tools. The cast-to shape polyurethane block ebablock® is ideal for demanding geometries. ebablock® is manufactured with the help of an individual and order-related negative form in a material saving and jointless manner. The blocks are produced to within 10-15mm of the final machined shape. This can also be produced as a series block.